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The Wooden Needle Newsletter - September 2021

Newsletter #14

September 2021

Want to know what’s happening at TWN?  Giveaways? Classes? Ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Once each month, we’ll send you our newsletter to keep you in the know!


What’s happening?

It’s Time to Celebrate!

Thursday, September 16th, is TWN’s 5th anniversary!

*Yarn walks! (ever done a cake walk?)

*Yummy snacks!

*Sign up for the bag of yarny goodness giveaway! 

*Draw for percentage off when making a purchase!

We’ll be open from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM!


We are beginning new projects on Workshop Wednesdays!

Every month or so, we’ll begin a new project together.

Want to learn two-color brioche? How to read a chart?

Our goal is to help you learn new skills or practice old ones.


Here’s the plan----

  • August - Socks (knit and crochet) - DONE!

  • Sept/Oct - Reading charts - Guernsey Wrap, Walnut Bark Shawl, or Walnut Bark Cowl

  • Nov/Dec - Mosaic/slipping stitch knitting

  • January - Lace

  • Feb/Mar - Two-color brioche

  • Apr/May - Colorwork


There is no charge for attending our workshops. The only requirement is that you purchase your project materials here at TWN. A basic knowledge of knitting or crocheting will be needed for these projects.

You don’t have to attend every Wednesday---  come as you can, when you need help, or when you just want to party! 

Workshop Wednesdays will be every Wednesday afternoon from 2:00 until 5:00.

Questions? Just give us a call!


Come to Sit & Stitch!

Do you like to knit? Crochet? Embroider? Something else? Bring your project -- whatever it is -- and join us on Thursday evenings. This is our time to enjoy a variety of fiber crafts. For Sit & Stitch, your crafting materials need not have been purchased from TWN.

Bring your project, and come craft with us!

*5:00ish until 7:00ish


What’s new?

If you’ve ever dropped a stitch while knitting and didn’t have a crochet hook to pick up the stitch, we understand your frustration because we’ve been there, too. Our Stitch Fix Crochet Hook keychains are just the thing to keep inside your project bag.


Some folks enjoy knitting projects like socks with sharp needles. If you like your needles sharp, you’ll be happy to know we now carry a selection of HiyaHiya Sharps.


What do you need to go with that beautiful shawl? A shawl pin! Stop by or look online to see all of our beautiful pins.

What’s the giveaway?

Are you ready for cooler weather and falling leaves? We’re ready! For September, our giveaway will be a skein of Stitch Together in the colorway Falling Down. Keep an eye on our Facebook page around the first week or two of the month to find out how to enter the giveaway.


What are you gifting?

Have we said that we’re ready for fall? If you love fall like we do, you might want to gift someone (or yourself!) with a beautiful embroidered towel. 

What’s the UFO number for this month?

It’s not too late!! Join us for UFO (Unfinished Objects) this year. This is your chance to complete unfinished objects and/or create new project goals for the remainder of 2021. 

To begin, create a UFO list of projects. (We listed twelve.) Your list can include unfinished projects, new projects, parts of a large project or a combination of the three. Each month, we'll draw a number which will identify the project you'll work on over the coming month. On the third Thursday of each month, we'll meet to share our projects and choose a new number. At the end of the year, you’ll feel so proud of your accomplishments (and you can always put those lingering UFOs on your 2022 list!).

September - #3

What are you making?

Isn’t it fun to share your current project (or projects!) with friends? We love sharing with each other and with our customers. Mary Beth is getting ready for cooler weather by knitting her cute cowl. Patti has crocheted the cuddliest baby blanket. Renaissance Woman Elaine continues creating beautiful blocks in the Disappearing Four Patch design. Sparkle Girl Debbie has decorated her bedroom with a lovely Enderby bed runner. You go, girls!

That's it for our newsletter this month, but don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page, blog, and website. 

Thanks for spending time with us! 

See something that interests you? Have a question? Have a suggestion? Check out our website or give us a call.

(270) 954-9005